About us

V-FIT FITNESS AND WELLNESS SOLUTIONS LLP is a Fitness & Wellness Setup Consultancy offering a turn key assistance to clients in the setup of their Fitness & Wellness Ventures. 

OUR VISION : To provide Health club owners with precise solutions to meet their business requirements, enabling them to reap the benefits of investing in the preventive health care industry.


We are a company driven by people who believe that “ Good health is the greatest wealth you can ever possess ”. Health and exercise are the two sides of the same coin, absolutely inseparable from each other. A fit healthy body and mind helps you to enjoy your material comforts and live your life to its fullest. Therefore, 'Good Health' means not only the absence of disease but a complete physical, mental, social as well as spiritual well being of You. 


  • Complete Club House Setup: Setting up of a complete club house project involves with any size, budget & location :
  1. Nutrition Cafe 
  2. Fitness Studio
  3. Gymnasium
  4. Food Court 
  5. Pro Shop
  6. Salon 
  7. Spa
  • Personal Training Services at Home as well as Corporate : We have a team of Certified Trainers specializing in Strength, Yoga, Martial Arts, Functional, Marathon Running & Cardio Vascular Training's. 
  • Wellness & Fitness Training Academy with Placement Support : We train & place students who are looking at making a bright career in this ever-growing field of Wellness & Fitness.  
  • Marmas Spa & Spa Management Services : We have our own Brand under the name of 'Marmas' that specializes in offering Wellness & Beauty services in the Corporate, High Rises & Commercial Set ups across India.  

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