Why engage with us?

In the market place, where Fitness Equipment Brands are directly selling to prospective customers, we are offering some unparalleled advantages over them :
  • Multiple Brand Options: We provide you with multiple fitness brand options to help you choose according to your requirements, project size & your budget.
  • Option to Mix & Match the best equipment's from each brand. Your equipment profile will consist of the best and most economical machines.
  • Can we offer the best possible prices? Just to clear your doubt, in a year we close more deals with the Equipment manufacturers than what a single gym owner will in 5 years. Any guesses who will get the best deals? YOU!
  • Second-Hand Equipment Options, refurbished machines at 45% of the MRP with same terms of warranty. These will not be the latest series however it will be complete value for money.
  • Turn Key Execution : Interior planning, Equipment & Staff Procurement, Equipment Layout, SOP (Systems, Operations, Procedures).
  • Last but not the least we will assist you with setting up within your Budget and Timeline in creating a systematic plan.