Corporate Fitness & Wellness Management

V-Fit Fitness makes a positive change in the employee’s lifestyle, by changing the way they look, feel and think, helping them attain higher levels of fitness, leading to a reinforcement of their self-confidence, creation of a positive image, and improvement in the productivity & quality of their lives.

Gone are the days when the organizations role towards employee health & fitness was restricted to setting up of a small corporate gymnasium or running annual health checkups. Today, the trend is towards preventive healthcare along with tangible improvement in an employee’s fitness. This involves significant HR initiatives towards engaging an employee in health & fitness activities.     

We would like to offer a module that addresses all of the above requirements. It is called Corporate Fitness Partnership & provides turnkey solutions with tangible parameters to measure improvement in employee fitness.

The services within the umbrella of Corporate Fitness Partnership are:  

  1. Motivational & awareness workshops on various topics related to health & fitness. 
  2. Periodic fitness tests on employees with risk factor analysis and also maintaining their progressive charts regularly.
  3. Group fitness classes in martial arts, aerobic, kick boxing & dance.
  4. Nutrition counseling support – providing nutrition counseling for employees
  5. Yoga for working professionals.
  6. Consultation for Diet menu planning, Hygiene and quality of food service – Pantry assistance & menu planning
  7. Turn key consultation for Gym Set up
  8. Gym Management – providing qualified trainers
  9. Gym equipment maintenance
  10. Personal training for Senior Managements
  11. External events such as Sports Events & Fitness camps – a complete fun and fitness event
  12. Internal events including employee competitions , fittest employee title etc
  13. Monthly newsletters on nutrition, health & other fitness topics
  14. Associate Partner Discounts – discounts & privileges offered by companies in the health & wellness space.