Personal Training

V-fit offers one-stop-shop Fitness solutions for individuals and corporate. 

We recognize that each individual has unique fitness goals, ranging from weight loss, weight management or body toning to improvement in medical conditions. Based on your goals and individual evaluation, our counselor will design a customized fitness plan for you, keeping in mind your exercise preferences and diet constraints – both of which are crucial in your commitment to your fitness goals.

We follow a Five step approach of Care, Concern, Convenience, Motivation & Results. Our dedicated customer support along with our certified Personal Trainers, Counselors, Aerobic Instructors, Yoga Instructors, Dietitian and Masseurs constantly work with you to help you achieve your desired results in the convenience of your own home!

Our approach is systematic and scientific in nature, consisting of the following stages :

  • Client Evaluation & Medical Recall
  • Goal Setting & Suggested Fitness Plan, using “ Fitness Aptitude Templates ”
  • Progress Monitoring & Monthly Evaluation, using metrics such as Body Fat Percent percentage and Body Mass Index, calculated via Bio electric impedance method
  •  Anthropometry (Body part measurements taking into consideration weight and height).

PRICES : There is a one time Enrollment fee of Rs.500 & our price per turn ranges from Rs. 1000 per session on wards, based on :

  • The type of activity opted for, e.g. fitness, yoga or aerobics etc.
  • The client’s medical conditions, corresponding caution to be executed.
  • The number of times the client needs to work out in a month.
  •  Any additional services such as Nutrition Counseling or Massage Therapies are included in the package.
  • The number of persons working out at the same slot (restricted to a maximum of 4 persons or 2 couples).

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