Life Coach Counseling

Our Life Coach / Counselors have over 12 years of Domain Expertise in successfully assisting over 15000 subjects to better manage their problems while offering worthwhile solutions. This requires utmost patience, a strong mental connect & above all, their trust.

In most case, the subject is a battling multiple factors like low self esteem, professional & personal life challenges, lack of self belief, extremely low motivation, poor time management, life threatening medical conditions and myriad of other non specific issues that require hand holding & counseling to ensure they tide through this patch to lead a better quality of life.

This role goes way beyond the scope of just a counselor, it integrates the competencies of a mentor, friend & a closed one. At the end every client has immense appreciation for how its impacted their life in a positive way.

We have been able to provide comprehensive support to in the following areas :   

  1. Drug abuse & peer pressure for teenagers
  2. Work place politics & performance pressures 
  3. Victims of bad relationship/abuse
  4. Low self esteem & image due to conditions like over weight / obesity / anorexia

We operate by connecting the subject to the right domain expert & operate either remotely (Telephonic Counseling or Face to Face Interface) ; depending on their comfort level, counselors time & logistics management.

The cost per session varies from Rs.1,500 to Rs. 3,500 which depends upon the location, number of persons and duration of the session.


Alternatively you can visit & simply fill up the Call Back Form