Spa Therapies Module 1D : Fitness Trainers Massage Course

Job / Career Opportunities:
Excellent scope for Certified Fitness Professionals in Gyms, Club houses & Freelancers to learn a complimentary skill set that will benefit their Fitness Career.

Eligibility Criteria : Certified Personal Trainer interested in offering better results & recovery to their clients. 

  • Sports Swedish Massage - excellent for muscle recovery & toning. 
  • Deep Tissue Massage - has specialized strokes that works on deeper layers of the muscles, that offers excellent recovery & improvement in performance.
  • Thai Massage - involves stretching & limbering of the whole body, helps to distress & prevent injuries.    
  • Revision
  • Examination

Duration of the course: 

  1. One & a half month i.e 6 Sundays for 2 hours each.
  2. One week from Monday to Saturday i.e 6 days for 2 hours each. 

Fees of the course : Rs. 15000/-  (Govt.Service Tax Extra)

* Kindly Note all our courses have NO REFUND & RETURN Policy.